1.How long have you been dancing lindy hop?

1 month-1 year
1-2 years
2-4 years
4-6 years
6+ years

2. You are confident when it comes to (tick all that apply):

the basics in 6 count and 8 count lindy hop and a few moves
transitioning between different steps and rhythms including 6 count and 8 count lindy hop and Charleston
swing outs, lindy circle, texas tommy, tuck turns, pass bys and other common figures
swing out variations, adding jazz steps and musicality to your dance while still dancing with your partner
intricate variations, styling, adapting to the music and your partner, incorporating figures and styling you've invented yourself
dancing confidently at fast and slow tempos
dancing confidently at very fast and very slow tempos
none of the above

3.You have have reached a confident, social dancing capacity in the following (tick all that apply):

Lindy hop including 6 and 8 count
Charleston including 1920s, Tandem, Side-by-side, Hand-to-hand
Solo Sving
a bit of lindy hop and Charleston
none of the above

4. Your lindy hop learning and improvement involves all of the following (tick all that apply):

regular weekly classes
national and/or international workshops
national and/or international dance camps
private lessons
regular social dancing
regular performance group practice
independent training and practice alone/with a friend
training from videos
none of the above

5. Your competition/performance experience in lindy hop:

I'm not ready yet
I'd like to compete/perform for the first/second timE
I've competed/performed a few times
I've competed many times and have reached the finals or placed, and/or have performed many times
6. Do you teach lindy hop?

Yes, in my home town and internationally
Yes, in my home town
Yes, sometimes here and there
Not yet but I'm training!

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