Lucifero illuminazione

Lucifero is a company that is fully using its expressive freedom to create a shining virtuosity with an “ art of mime” oscillating between rationality and bizarreness.

In this ironic and desecrating context, light is the representation of movement and immobility.It is the dichroic spot lamp that, in the dark, performs its functional duty and becomes a pretext to play with a subtle world of shadows; while during the day , it allows one to admire the aesthetics of the object.

All the lamps produced by LUCIFERO ILLUMINAZIONE s.r.l are manufactured by the very able craftsmen who work in the laboratory of LUCIFERO.
Full attention is given to details, starting from the aesthetics of the unique design of every lamp to the functionality concerning the installation of the fixture.
Every single lamp is sparkling with its own light and it is an exclusive manufacture.




A lot goes into each cup of coffee we produce. And behind it all is a long process beginning with the selection of the finest raw materials, followed by sophisticated roasting processes and culminating in the best equipment and training we can offer our baristas. Because behind every cup are 125 years of history and love for coffee. And a single purpose: ensuring that every cup of coffee at a Costadoro coffee bar offers a unique, pleasant and memorable experience.

The story behind our coffee begins with the search for the finest raw materials. Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Ethiopia – Costadoro selects and harvests the best beans straight from the plantations of the countries of origin.




Torino Swing Festival

Torino Swing Festival