Turin Cats
10-13 Settembre 2015
Tiger Stores

Tiger, the Danish retail chain dedicated to low cost design, is present in most of Europe and in 2011 it arrived in Italy with the first store opening in Turin. The expansion of the Tiger brand in the north of Italy is entrusted to the company Tiger Italy 1 srl and currently there are 33 stores.

Each month Tiger shops are renewed with the arrival of around 400 new products, typical of the season, that go alongside the 2,500 items that are always available.

The world of Tiger is not only related to objects and the shops, but it is closely linked to the cultural world. From the very beginning, it believes in emerging youth initiatives, sponsoring events like Paratissima, the Traffic Free Festival, the Milan Film Festival and recently the Music Festival of Turin.

The philosophy of Tiger naturally embraces the values and cultural content of Lindy Hop. The involvement of any person regardless of age, gender, culture, social status, race; the passion for music that Tiger creates through their record label Tiger Music, through which emerging artists from around the world have the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their music; the brilliant atmosphere, the lightness and never boring sensation that that fills stores and the initiatives. These are just some of the reasons why after the positive experience of last year, the Danish company is once again sponsor of the Torino Swing Festival.

Tiger Italia 1 in Turin can be found Via XX Settembre 51/g, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 62, Via Nizza 185-187, via Garibaldi 32/34, via Po 36 and also at Turin Caselle Airport.

10-13 September, 2015