Turin Cats
10-13 Settembre 2015

Vintage Shopping

Eleni Hassioti

Greece-based fashion designer Eleni Hassioti runs her own firm since 1994. At her downtown Thessaloniki shop she creates ready-to-wear bi-annually seasonal collections, produced in relatively small quantities, as well as tailor-made haute couture items and wedding gowns. Eleni’s work has always been modern with a retro twist. In her recent collections though, she really turned into a swing aficionado and developed her own swing style that draws its inspiration from the lines of the 1930s and 1940s. In this context, Eleni has created swing outfits for various bands of the genre and for lindy-hop groups in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece. She collaborates regularly with the Swing and Swim International Festival, presenting her collections. elenichasioti.gr – facebook page


Since 1997 Disc’n’Roll is a specialist in shoes for Balboa, Swing, Lindy Hop, Boogie, Rock and West Coast. All the shoes sold by Claude Cataldi are made in Italy and they have by choosen by names such as Tatiana Mollmann (US), John Lindo (US), Jessica Cox (US), Olivier Massart (FR), Virginie Perga (FR), Maxime Zzaoui (FR), Torri Smith (US), Maxence Martin (FR), Amandine Principe and Lionel Giannone.


10-13 September, 2015