Turin Cats
10-13 September, 2015

50 Swing Cats

Torino Swing Festival is more than a Swing Dance festival. We focus on a worth and wide musical offer: one foreign band, one italian band, seven local bands and two djs. A festival where you can swing dance in various moments of the day to the sounds of Big Bands, Manouche or traditional Dixieland. The Italian and local scene are getting bigger fast and many musicians converted to ballroom groove. Hence we want to reward local and national artists with a mainly italian music line-up. We have on the billboard more than 50 swing cats plus an “improvised” surprise with international guests.

The Battle of the Big Bands

NP Big Band

The old school from Genoa

NP Big Band is a 16 elements orchestra from Genoa. Since 2008 they play the big tunes of legendary old school bands like Benny Goodman’s, Glenn Miller’s and Artie Shaw’s. They made their first appearance at BeLindy Zenacamp in November 2008, and after that they have been invited to many important festivals, including Rock That Swing Festival (Munich, Germany), Herräng Dance Camp (Herräng, Sweden), Swing Crash Festival (Como, Italy), and more. npbigband.blogspot.it


Massimo Rapetti, Orlando Coccoglioniti, Grazia Favale, Enrico Oliveri (Trumpet) – Denis Trapasso, Tony Carvelli, Ian Veronese (Trombone) – Paolo Maffi e Roberto Trabona (Sax Contralto) – Paolo Piccardo, Alberto Oliveri (Sax Tenore and Clarinet) – Antonio Maffezzoni (Sax Baritono and Soprano) – Luca Lamari (Piano) – Marco Parodi (Guitar) – Roberto Resaz (Double Bass) – Luca Rigazio (Drums) – Erica Bava & Michela Loprevite (Vocal)

Gatsby Orchestra Torino

Jazz Club Torino Residents

Alessandro Muner has put together the Gatsby Orchestra just for lindy hoppers. They play the hits of the 30s and 40s with original arrangements from United States of bands like Duke Ellington’s, Count Basie’s, Jimmie Lunceford’s, Andy Kirk’s and many more. Their groovy sound is completed by Daddy McSwing’s vocals and stage presence, a singer and performer from Las Vegas. facebook page


Alessandro Muner, Giulio Piola (Tromba), Valerio Signetto (Sax Alto and Clarinet), Max Acotto (Sax Alto and Sax Tenore), Dario Terzuolo (Sax Tenore), Luca Begonia (Trombone), Simone Garino (Sax Baritono and Clarinet), Sergio Di Gennaro (Piano), Gianmaria Ferrario (Double Bass), Marco Breglia (Drums), Daddy McSwing (Special Guest – Vocals)

The Foreigners

Canibal Dandies

Hot Jazz from Montpellier

Before the end of 2011, the musicians composing the Canibal Dandies had been playing together in a few of the many swing, jazz and blues bands in the South of France. These musicians came together, building a growing audience as well as working with the local swing dance scene, the SwingJammerz and even stepping out internationally. They’ve been mixing the legacy that people like Louis Armstrong, Georges Lewis or Willie Dixon left, with a more modern kind of groove, being inspired by bands they have met on their trips to the heart of the jazz world, New Orleans. Once you will hear their sound you’ll feel like being in a street party in the hot Louisiana! canibaldandies.com

The Battle of the Bands

Accordi Disaccordi

Accordi Disaccordi

For the Swingin’Hood festival, the trio will feature the guitarists Alessandro Di Virgilo and Dario Berlucchi, the band’s founders and permanent members, and at the double bass, Gianmaria Ferrario. The band will make you travel into their gipsy jazz repertoire, offering you modern arrangements of the best classics from the 30’s along with original and rearranged songs, strongly inspired by the style of the famous guitarist Django Reinhardt. accordidisaccordi.com – facebook page

The Bouncing Cats

The Bouncing Cats

Bassist and founder of the Bouncing Cats, Gianmaria Ferrario brings the Turin Lindy Hop nights to life with The Roosters and The Gatsby Orchestra. His solid walking won’t let your feet rest a minute. Sergio di Gennaro, eclectic pianist inpired by Count Basie and Erroll Garner, plays for the Gatsby Orchestra and can often be found on the Jazz Club Torino stage performing with The Roosters. Alessandro Minetto, an experienced and classy drummer, has been roaming for more than 20 years across Europe with the best jazz musicians of the scene. facebook page

The Bands

Blue Moustache Gipsy Jazz Manouche Torino

Blue Moustache

The band follows the great Django Reinhardt ‘ s steps, founding father of the jazz manouche, one of the important jazz players who introduced in the traditional songs innovating rhythms peculiar of gypsie’s music, giving life to a new musical genre. The Blue Moustache ‘ s offer a mix of prepared and improvised pieces, as in the nature of this musical style. Their live performance has a definite jazz stamp improved with indefinite musical directions.




Happy Feet - Alessandro Muner

Happy Feet


On the last party, will be playing two music groups, offsprings of the Gatsby Orchestra. Sunday marchin’ dance will be lead by the Happy Feet Marchin ’ Band on Louis Armstrong and his Savoy Ballroom Five‘s repertoire: Alessandro Muner (Trumpet), Simone Garino (Clarinet), Luca Begonia (Trombone), Marco Breglia (Drum Roll) and Sergio Di Gennaro (Bass Drum). On the arrival at the Jazz Club Torino, the music group will transform into Happy Feet Sextet, moving Sergio Di Gennaro from the bass drum to the grand piano, Marco Breglia from the drum roll to the drum set and welcoming Mauro Battisti and his double bass.



Love at first sight: that’s what happened few months ago between Pierre Tordjman (voice and guitar) and Ivan Rinaldi (guitar). Midnight in Turin, after a jazz concert, the passion for Django as starting point… the Musette started to play together with an amazing complicity. Pierre is a professor of philosophy from Paris, Ivan a guitarist from Sicily. Their finger print is a mellow mix of musette, the traditional music of French dancers, and swing music from U.S.A. Since the beginning they usually have at least three-four concerts a week between Turin and Paris. They are used to play for the swing dancers of Turin and can’t wait to play for us during the social meeting of TSF! Facebook page – Video

Oz Big Band

Oz Big Band

The Oz Big Band is a local group of around 35 musicians of all ages. Their aim, as always, is to make good music and have fun together. The band is directed by Aldo Caramellino, trombonist and member of the Np Big Band, and for some years its repertoire covers Afro-American music, from the beginning of the 1900’s to present day. The idea of the Swing project comes from the desire to share a new and formative experience, such as playing for lindy hoppers. Their debut on the dance floor will be Sunday 13th September in the streets of the Swingin’Hood.

MC & Deejays

Daddy McSwing

Daddy McSwing

A professional Streetdancer for 22 years, Daddy McSwing performed with Jeff Kutashs’s Dancin Machine, Steve Notario’s The Footlockers and Steve Bernier’s The Untouchables as Opening Acts for Dean Martin, Tom Jones, Grace Jones and Elton John at the top venues throughout the world.
Now residing in Torino, Italy  Daddy McSwing sings regularly on the jazz scene with his group Vegas Project as well as guest appearances with The Gatsby Orchestra.


Mister DiP

Mister DiP

Mister DiP regularly participates in international festivals and has made lindy hoppers dance all around Europe. Dj and radio speaker, but also a passionate dancer of Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and Boogie, he can effortlessly move back and forth from one side of the console to the other. facebook page

Lindy Bros - Daniele Civiero & Alessio Civiero

Lindy Bros

Lindy Bros are Daniele and Alessio, two brothers and experienced dancers of the Turin swing dance scene. The Lindy Bros are wide-ranging: they love great band leaders, Dixieland, New Orleans jazz, Manouche style and the evolution of the Swing genre all the way to Wynton Marsalis

One Shot Band

And that’s not all! We are preparing surprise for the attendees. Do you want to know what is it?
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10-13 September, 2015