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September 11th to 14th, 2014

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cinema! Torino Swing Festival is back in 2014 with an edition dedicated to the old classics of 20s, 30s and 40s Cinema. The great interpreters of the past will come to life through our stars: William Mauvais & Maéva Truntzer (FRA), Dax Orion Hock & Sarah Breck (USA), Valerie Salstrom & Adam Brozowski (USA), Max Angelo Pitruzzella (FRA) & Annie Trudeau (CAN), Ryan Francois (UK), Jovon Miller (USA), Andy Reid & Nina Gilkenson (USA), Adamo Ciarallo & Vicci Moore (UK), Marcos Agote (ARG) & more. After the success of last edition (go to 2013’s website or watch the gallery), Torino Swing Festival catwalk offer grand premières, surprises, and a syncopated soundtrack by the Hot Sugar Band, the Shirt Tail Stompers, the Devil’s Advocates, the Roosters, along with the selected tunes of Mindaugas Biskaukas, Michal Oblacinski and Daniele (& more TBA). And that’s not all! You don’t want to miss the second edition of the Interplanetary Lindy Hop Championships and their rich prizes (up to 1,500 euros!) for the best acts. The box office will open on April 1st, 2014, be ready to reserve your ringside seat!

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Michele Tenaglia

Michele Tenaglia

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