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Torino Swing Festival Logo
Torino Swing Festival LogoTorino Swing Festival Logo
Circus Curtain
September 20th, 21nd, 23rd, 2013 - Three days of music, social dance and classes - 20, 21 e 22 Settembre - Tre giorni di musica, social dance e lezioni
Interplanetary Lindy Hop Championships
Meet Our Swing Freaks: 10 of the best teachers and performers in the world - 10 dei migliori insegnanti e performer del mondo
Amazing! Adam Brozowski join the Torino Swing Festival - Continuano le sorprese: Adam Brozowski si unisce al Torino Swing Festival
Classes of - Lezioni di: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Vintage Jazz, Tap, Boogie
Gli Amici di Django Reinhardt
The Roosters
Torino Ballroom Orchestra
The automatic sound of Paulo Brotherswing and Dj Dukeyduke - Il suono automatico di Paulo Brotherswing and Dj Dukeyduke
Torino Swing Festival Ringmaster Circus curtain - Sipario del circo

Come, ladies &
gentlemen, come!
There's room
for everybody!

Welcome to the fabulous website of the very First Edition of our Sensational Torino Swing Festival! Circus environments and crazy rhythms will blend into a bizarre world out of every scheme, to create
an event that we took care of with joy and enthusiasm, even in the smallest of the details!

The extraordinary town of Torino, the Zenaswingers and the Turin Cats, in cooperation with the Jazz Club Torino are ready to welcome dancers from all over the planet and beyond, for a weekend of endless dancing, parties and fun: classes, social dances, afterhours, shows and Swing music till dawn, in the very beating heart of one of the most enchanting cities of this Old World!

Come enjoy the magic, the illusion, the bizarre!
You'are going to cherish dances, acrobats, charlatans and players!
Pay attention, the Festival will be in town just for three days!

Some of the most amazing teachers in the world, freakish bands, international renowned sound-pourers, outta this world shows and a delirious rhythm will fill up your days and nights and why not... your lives, changing them forever! If you thought you had already seen all that Swing could offer you... well... you'sre going to definitely change your mind! To find out what we mean, visit this website, so you will realize what we made up just for you!

Absolutely not to miss, the First Edition of the Interplanetary Lindy Hop Championships with their astonishing prizes!!!
What are you waiting for??? Book now!!!

Torino Swing Festival Logo

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