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Do you have any questions? Check this page first, the answer might be here! Includes general questions, plus some more detailed answers for competitors.

What is Torino Swing Festival?

TSF is a Lindy Hop, Tap, Authentic Jazz event that will take place in Turin and whose aim is to spread the culture, the music and the dancing of the Swing Era in Italy, thruough the presence of world class instructors and dancers, live bands and specialised djs. There will be several workshops for all levels of dancing.

When and where will TSF be?

It will be hosted by the wonderful town of Turin, September 20th to 22nd 2013.

I want to compete but I don'st want
to take classes, can I do that?

Yes, you can do it by purchasing a competitor pass including admission to the parties and the right to take part to the competititons.

How do I register?

Register on-line at Registrations will close on September 19th 2013.

What are my payment options?

There are two two options for payment,
to be done by on-line registration.

(it includes the majority of the most important
credit and debit cards, bank account, etc).

I registered but I can'st come.
Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately no. No refunds will be given under any cisrcumstances. Your options are to transfer your registration into another name, or cancel your registration in return of a credit of the full amount towqrs the following year'ss TSF.

What is the official language
of the weekend?

The whole event will be completely biligual: italian and english. All classes willbe taught in English and will be translated into Italian.

Can I bring flyers for
my events or business?

Yes. Swing dance events organisers and those with business related to jazz and swing dancing, will be able to place their flyers on the promotional tables.

Didn'st find your answer? Write us, we'll answer asap.

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